I hereby acknowledge that I have read the terms and conditions and I fully understand the meaning of each provision, and agree to abide by them as set forth below:

  1. The ICRA has my permission to verify any information supplied by me in this application.
  2. The ICRA has my permission to release or divulge to a prospective new employer any information supplied by me in making this application or any assessment(s) report prepared by ICRA.
  3. The ICRA has my permission to release my name and other contact information to carpet manufacturers, warranty companies, insurance companies, and any other related companies or firms approved by the ICRA. Further, the ICRA has my permission to notify such companies and firms of my assessment(s) by the ICRA.
  4. As an Assessed and Certified Technician, I pledge to conduct my work in accordance with the standards set by the IICRC and other accredited standard setting bodies, to constantly strive to promote the goodwill of my employer, and to exercise care in the handling and treatment of my customer’s property.
  5. I understand that I am not eligible to use the ICRA registered certification logo until such time that I have completed the ICRA assessment for the designation that I have applied.
  6. I understand and agree to pay an annual fee (currently $40 per year) to maintain my ICRA assessment(s) based certification as periodically set by ICRA in the ICRA Policy. ICRA Performance assessed designations are valid for 5 years providing that the annual fee is paid. After 5 years the certified individual must be reassessed. Certified individuals may be reassessed at anytime to establish their current assessment level at the price listed below.