1. Registered Firms must have at least one ICRA Certified Technician to qualify for the program.
  2. Registered Firms agree to have an ICRA-certified technician present on all job sites. The certified technician(s) collectively must be certified in all categories of services being performed on the job site for which ICRA offers certification. Newly Registered Firms will be given to the end of the following year to comply with this requirement.
  3. All Registered Firms will have a common anniversary date of July 1st of each year. Invoice will be sent around June 1st of each year for renewal. All renewal payments are due by July 31st. after which the delinquent firm will be inactivated and benefits suspended. The firm may be reinstated when requirements are met and fees are paid.
  4. Only Registered Firms may display the ICRA logo.
  5. Registered Firms must maintain all required licenses, permits, and bonding for the services offered.
  6. Carry adequate insurance coverage at all times:
    1. Workers Compensation Insurance as required by law.
    2. Comprehensive General Liability Insurance and any other applicable insurance appropriate for the protection of the consumer.
  7. Registered Firms agree maintain a written customer complaint and dispute resolution procedure. At a minimum, the Registered Firm agrees to use the ICRA Dispute Resolution Policy.
  8. Registered Firms agree to provide ongoing continuing education and training for each technician. A minimum of 16 hours is required for each technician annually. All Registered Firms are required to provide documentation that describes the education and training provided for the technician(s) during the previous 12 months.
  9. The Registered Firm agrees allow ICRA to verify any information that is supplied as part of the application process.
  10. The Registered Firm agrees that in the event of any failure on the part of the Firm to supply the required information as part of the new application or renewal, that the Firm will not be allowed to advertising as an ICRA Registered Firm and must cease from using any associated logos, service marks, or certification marks associated with the ICRA Registered Firm Program. ICRA reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to change the Registered Firm requirements.