1. ICRA owns no schools, employs no instructors and sponsors no certification courses.  I understand that ICRA Registered Schools and Instructors are independent contractors.
  2. An application must be submitted to ICRA headquarters 60 days prior to the ICRA Quarterly Board of Directors meeting during which applicant expects to be considered for ICRA acceptance. 
  3. It is recommended that instructors have:

  4. Instructors are required to:

  5. For instructors that are applying to be grandfathered in as a Registered Instructor, you are required to comply with all of the above but will be allowed a 2 year period to become performance assessed in the designation as proficient (assuming that there is an available performance assessment program for that designation).
  6. For all instructors applying to be registered in a designation that does not yet have a performance assessment, you will be notified if and when an assessment is available and you will be given one year from that date to be performance assessed in the designation as proficient.
  7. Adhere to the ICRA Code of Conduct and Ethics.