The industry has been asking for another option for certification. You now have an option.

International Cleaning and Restoration Association Certification

The ICRA is now offering certification based upon written exams (cognitive assessments) in addition to their Performance Assessments as part of a new “Comprehensive Certification Program.” In response to the industry’s desire to have an option for certification, the new Comprehensive Certification Program is the next logical advancement in that process. Industry leaders from around the country have been working on bringing this program to the market for many months.

ICRA has registered 32 schools interested in offering ICRA certification exams. These are well known and respected schools and instructors that have been teaching in the industry for years. For a list of participating schools, please click here.

ICRA will “grandfather in” your certifications at a flat $40 fee

If you have a certification from another certifying body, you can have your certifications recognized (grandfathered in) without the need for another course or exam. Simply go to the ICRA website and complete a form, upload a copy of your certificate or ID card and pay a flat fee of $40 no matter how many certifications you have.

To have your certifications recognized by ICRA as part of the Certification Recognition Program, go to: or visit us at The Experience Convention and Tradeshow in Vegas, ICRA booth #604-606.

8 thoughts on “The industry has been asking for another option for certification. You now have an option.

    1. Amy Cluck-McAlister Post author

      Hi Angela,
      If you would like more information on ICRA’s Certification Program, you can visit this link: We are also taking applications online here: – You just need your proof of certification (ACAC, IICRC, or RIA) to apply.

      Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

  1. Grant DuBridge

    Hi guys,
    First time on the website and I noticed a typo that you may want to fix. “Industry leaders from around the county have been working on bringing this program to the market for many months.” You may want to say from around the country and not just the county. 🙂 I do have an actual question though.
    i had taken training through the IICRC for years and was a certified firm until I no longer agreed with the people allowed to become certified. It has been many years since I paid for my certification and I am no longer considered such. Does my training count even though the only proof I have is fifteen years old?

  2. Bruce Tyson

    I was filling out the form for recognition of lapsed certificates when I noticed “… no more than 5 years…”. Unfortunately my IICRC certs expired 10/2009. Is there anything I can do?

    My ASCR / RIS CR and WLS certs are within the 5 year span…

    1. Amy Cluck-McAlister Post author

      Hi Troy,
      Our certification program is international. We have schools participating from all over (you can see a full list of participating schools on our website: Currently, we are grandfathering in your existing certifications with other organizations but we are also working on offering our own classes, in the near future. Here is a link to the application for certification recognition:

      You may also be interested in our Performance Assessments (hands-on certification). We recently held a carpet cleaning performance assessment in Atlanta. We don’t currently have any performance assessments scheduled but we usually offer them in conjunction with The Experience. You can find out more on our website:

      Thank you for your interest!


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