There’s still time to sign up for the TCR Performance Assessment during The Experience in Atlanta

Visit Barry Costa’s carpet repair workshop at The Experience NOW to sign up.

Prep for your Assessment with the Free* Hands-On Carpet Repair Workshop
Barry Costa of Costa Goup Education brings his ALL HANDS ON Carpet Repair Workshop LIVE to The Experience Trade Show in Atlanta.
*This $199 valued workshop is FREE with your registration to The Experience!

There will be TWO extended sessions each focused on fine-tuning your performance skills of six common repairs that you are being hired to perform by homeowners, business owners, and insurance company representatives.

Tools will be supplied for the assessments and, for your convenience, will also be available for purchase so that you may leave this workshop and start making money! (Part of each tool sale will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training Program. Your purchase will not only help YOU make money but will also help rid the world of cancer!)

Workshop Session ONE
Thursday, April 26
8:30am to 10:20am


·    Low Level Loop Carpet (direct glue down) as found in many commercial establishments

·    Minor delamination repairs that MANY in the insurance industry are VERY INTERESTED in due to “right of repair over replacement”.

1.  Surface Grafting repairs (immovable stains, cigarette burn, pulled rows, etc.)

2.  Permanent Section, Direct Glue Down (tears, burns, stains, replacing a poorly executed repair by another vendor)

3.  Delamination Repair of a cut-pile Saxony. I will GUARANTEE that the delamination repair will be STRONGER than the original carpet. Someone could win a crisp $100 bill from Barry Costa! Be there to find out how!

Workshop Session TWO
Friday, April 27
10:35am to 12:15am


·    Patterned Berber with a tufted-in pattern and color pattern installed Stretch-in (over carpet cushion) as found in many homes. Cut pile Saxony carpet installed Stretch-in over re-bond carpet cushion.

1.  Surface Grafting repairs (immovable stain, cigarette burn, pulled rows, etc.) on the patterned Berber.

2.  Surface Grafting repairs (immovable stain, cigarette burn, etc.) on the Saxony.

3.  Permanent Section (Bonded Insert) with a Hot-Glue Gun and/or Kool Glide™ Seaming System with the Saxony carpet over cushion.

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