ICRA Perfomance Assessment Program

Tufted Carpet Repair Performance Assessment at The Experience in Vegas

Performance Assessments will take place during tradeshow hours, Mon-Wed, September 6-8.

With TCR, there are 6 repairs to be completed; each taking approx 30-40 min. These may be done at your leisure during tradeshow hours.

ICRA Members: $149
Non-Members: $199

Practice Times for Performance Assessment (optional):

Friday morning from 8:30 to 11:00am (We recommend that they hold off on the repairs that you might need more guidance and practice prior to assessment and sign up for those specific ones on Friday.)

Questions? Call Barry Costa at 603-547-5006

Register Today, by filling out a Candidate Application. SPACE IS LIMITED.

For more information on ICRA’s Performance Assessment program, visit: http://icrassociation.org/certification/hands-on-certification

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